A Handbook for Health Care and Social Service Providers Working with Trans People

Action Santé Travesties et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTTeQ) has recently launched its trans health guidebook for health care and social service providers, called Taking Charge. It was created as a tool to educate a wide spectrum of health care and social service providers, ranging from social workers, lawyers, family doctors, endocrinologists, mental health professionals, nurses, and frontline workers at social justice organizations, shelters, and HIV/AIDS service organizations, etc. It is approximately sixty pages, and covers topics that touch on hormones, patient/client advocacy, legal name and sex designation changes, gender segregated facilities (i.e. shelters, prisons, detox facilities), and more! A committee of over a dozen individuals steered the content of this guide. The committee is composed of trans people from different backgrounds and communities, as well as frontline workers, health care professionals, and social service providers who work with and advocate for trans people. This project is based on the understanding that trans people must meaningfully contribute to their own health resources, and the consultation process therefore privileged trans voices.